Our mission is to promote the use of certified improved seeds as a key to sustainable food security, social and economic development in Malawi.

Our vision is to deliver a steady stream of new seed varieties to smallholder farmers at affordable prices and through an expanded network of agro dealers.

Seed Trade Association of Malawi (STAM) was established with the principal objectives to:

  • Enhance communication with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security on matters affecting the seed industry.
  • Contribute towards policy formulation in agriculture and economic development of Malawi in order to promote rural development.
  • Combat fake (counterfeit) seed and illegal/sub standard seed multiplication and trading in Malawi.
  • Promote use of improved seeds to achieve high productivity for food and cash.
  • Support government in achieving food security, self-sufficiency and export drive.
  • Promote and instill efficiency and effectiveness in seed inspectorate department of MOAFS.
  • Develop ethics for the seed industry to protect the vulnerable smallholder farmers.
  • Promote the intensification of agriculture in food production and free more land for cash crops and livestock development.
  • Ensure consistency and reliability in the supply of quality seed to farmers

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